Slice of Life: ‘I quit my IT job in US to start a firm and return to India’

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Every person has a story to share. This column puts the spotlight on the people of Chennai, faces we see but rarely interact with — giving a glimpse into their struggle.

Karthi Easwaramoorthy, 47, CEO of

Karthi Easwaramoorthy, 47, CEO of


A fter graduating from an engineering college in Erode, I got an IT job in the US. I worked in the Silicon Valley for years but was yearning to return to India. Then, my college friend and I started, a bus ticket selling website in 2007. The start-up and my passion to create a corporate firm helped me to return to India.
My wife, who was also working in the US, supported my decision and so did my parents. They were also happy that I was returning to them. During the initial days of, we struggled a lot as computers and smartphones were still alien to bus operators. In 2007, the concept of e-commerce was yet to become popular in the country and bus operators were not comfortable with online transactions.
We convinced bus operators to create their presence online and provided them computer training. We supplied computers and internet to their offices and appointed an executive to assist them. Now, every bus operator uses online platforms to sell their tickets. Presently, we have a good presence in South India and now I aspire to expand throughout the country and sell every variety of ticket, including air tickets. We are taking our strides slowly but surely.